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Try json schema.

Learn D3:

ligma is a good project name.

GitHub actions seem cool, worth playing around with.

Google SRE book:

Read 12factor app.

Flame graphs for postgres explains are close to possible and would be helpful.

A sheet macro to do the following would be nifty:

  • Bold headers
  • Delete trailing right columns
  • Freeze header
  • Expand column sizes
  • Turn filtering on

Generate SVG:

dot -Kfdp -Nfontname=Courier -Nfontsize=10 -Efontname=Courier -Efontsize=10 -T{fmt} {dot_filepath} -o {output_filepath}

Polyrepo world - everything is necessarily versioned. Semantic? Git SHA? Either way, deployment tooling might just say “ship out these versions of these codebases and test rigorously.” This seems fairly profound - this is what testing cloud stuff in dev could be like. Providing a git SHA allows for dev branches of repos, targeting any specific commit. CI becomes the de-facto orchestration framework.

Mermaid is very similar to DOT / graphviz for realtime graphing. Maybe less feature-rich but is still good.

Pandoc seems really feature-rich and converts everything to everything else. One super neat feature is converting markdown to slides!

publishing iOS apps using jasonette seems really cool and simple

Textures in D3:

This seems like a more lightweight option than react:

Get EC2 pricing easier: (works with curl).

sudo pkill coreaudiod resets the audio driver on mac python3 client-side libs (i.e. replace javascript for web dev)

next.js seems worth checking out as a react-esque framework:

So you wanna learn programming?

Some resources:

Wanna host a blog with no overhead? check out