Optimize incentive structures.

Think of freedom to tackle other problems after task is complete.

Exploration vs exploitation.

Do more aliasing.

Timebox thinking.

Live demos with mocked responses.

Act when cost of failure is low. Plan when cost of failure is high.

Most of inbox will go straight to incubator. Prune for actionables quickly and daily.

Spatial metaphors are helpful.

Keep space in drawers. Watch out for overflow.

Active v passive. Planning v responding.

Stick to promises. Fix system if I can’t.

How would you feel saying that to a family member?

Fast interfaces.

Metaphors often stronger bridges to reality than they were meant to be. Watch out for this.

Live demos.

Upvote. Show appreciation.

Think in public by default.

Don’t half-ass exploratory efforts.

Bring projects to next level of completeness.

Exposing underlying data structures to end users in addition to an opinionated interface.

Give shoutouts.

All code is technical debt.