Markdown zettelkasten built with mkdocs or hugo.

Essentially baking this into building my site.



  • Auto-gen index page
  • Config file inputs by default for files to parse
  • Add hidden readonly dev warning to compiled md
  • Add backlinks section to each doc
  • Support all nodes downstream of an included node (e.g. shouldn’t need to tie everything back to wp, could leverage ancestors/descendants?)


  • Parse wp
  • Parse wrapup (and google doc)
  • Curate
  • Remove archived notes, or clearly mark


  • Pass args to filter notes, or config file
  • More trivial way to flag docs-worthy subset of notes other than include/exclude config?
  • Tests!
  • Add sample notes, config file
  • Provide vim plugins for syntax additions
  • Make into CLI
  • Docstrings
  • Add githooks
  • Run docs experiment - everyone creates independent docs, we can curate those and provide indexes etc, link to common (helios vs helios-tuck) nodes, etc. pitch as experiment to documentors channel


  • Think on how to incorporate roam features - all pages list. Curated nav / guide. What else?
  • Custom design could be cool - minimal css package here: