Recommendations for what to do in the greatest city in the woyld.



Best slice places are gonna be Joe’s (West Village or Williamsburg), Prince Street Pizza (square pepperoni slice), or if it’s late and your drunk, any $1 slice place!

For sit-down places, John’s on Bleecker St or Lombardi’s (first pizzeria in NYC!) are great options.

Fancier pizza: Lucali in Carroll Gardens (BK), or Rubirosa (Nolita).

Special shoutout for L&B Spumoni Gardens all the way out by Coney Island. You won’t be disappointed.


The Halal Guys food cart at 53rd and 6th is the most-rated food place on Yelp in the country, and it’s delicious. The hot sauce is insanely hot so pump the brakes if you think you’re brave.

Get ramen at any highly-rated ramen place.


If it’s a nice day, I highly¬†recommend going to the top of either One World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center, or the Empire State building. These are all awesome experiences with absolutely insane views of the city. The Empire State Building observatory is actually open super late, so if you find yourself in midtown around 11p, you could do that and you won’t regret it.¬†

Even if you don’t go to the top, I’d still recommend going to the World Trade Center - the grounds there are beautiful, the 9/11 reflecting pools are really impressive, and if you have the stomach for it, the 9/11 Memorial Museum is really moving and worth checking out.

Central Park is worth checking out. Nicer in nicer weather if you wanna just go hang out for an hour or so on the grass.

Walk through Times Square if you’ve never seen it before, then never go again.

Broadway! Oh, broadway! If you’ve got the funds, go see a play. I can vouch for Les Miserables, Book of Mormon, and Wicked as being absolutely worth whatever you’ll pay to see them. I hear you can get last-minute tickets. Godspeed.