PARA Method

Tiago Forte’s system for digital information. Post

This seems really promising, and would be helpful to understand better.

  • Projects - things with fine goals, like “prep for move”
  • Areas - general parts of life, like “health”, “work”
  • Resources - topics, like “coronavirus”
  • Archives - everything else old but not active

Projects, by definitions, fall into areas.

It seems like an interesting way to implement this in zettelkasten would be to either tag or leverage frontmatter to define note “types” as one of the four, and even leverage simple templates for those as needed (projects would have a “tasks” header, etc).

I often say that with knowledge workers, the biggest bottleneck is always getting up in the morning. Knowledge work requires not only our time and effort, but also our engagement and creativity. For that reason, personal motivation is the prime problem that supersedes all other problems.

Distinguishing between goals and dreams is helpful. Projects help you towards your goals.

Start by defining your projects list and keeping your folders consistent across systems.

Creating distinction between actionable and non-actionable stuff is absolutely critical to note maintenance. For me, I think it’d be really helpful to avoid overload. Something something progressive disclosure.