Random shit that doesn’t easily have a home

grokking imaginary numbers

grokking tensors

economist subscriptions include audio

big paper pad for writing is helpful, needs big desk too

singing lessons?

Ozarks for summer vacation?

Mule day - Columbus TN (prob not this year)

Double dogs for eagles games

Photos for contacts on phone


beer box magic card holder

Do physics proofs more to stay sharp.

shochi kebab (?) sake gekei kan sake ozeki sake

Look at personal spotify usage. Might be cool apps to build on top.

Make a digit adding machine

Get good at paper airplanes

Get good at origami

Hubble images


premrithin mosquito repellent

generate mathematical patterns

get good at interface design

cellular automata


“Its like riding a bike if riding a bike was like memorizing 800 rules”

2020-02-07 analyze ski tracks data 2020-02-07 revisit beta distributions post 2020-02-07 create more art. photo, video, etc.

No one out-ryans the Tuck

two fish hearth zeppoli - restaurants SJ

  • Fibonacci drawers
  • enneagram recommendations
    • Beatrice chestnut
    • the complete enneagram
    • Chris hewert sacred enneagram
    • sleeping at last podcast
  • glossika language learning
  • amazon fulfillment center tour Chattanooga or jersey
  • how much power does the bathroom fan use?
  • ivy Lee 6 tasks
  • promarx grippy 1.0
  • manta Ray dive hawaii
  • Turing tumble
  • call schedule / checklist
  • priorities for day, hour chunks, etc.
  • research back up sensors
  • car? bike?
  • Golf clubs?
  • fuego box - hot sauce
  • meditation?
  • make rec a python / brew package
  • draw self exercise / stretches
  • white russians
  • data.nashville.gov
  • cool presentations
    • dinosaurs
    • how do we know the age of the earth
  • bullet journaling