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formatted resume cv (include old resume contents) about me

portfolio basics

link to old site pull from old site what needs fleshing out? about the site setup

nug-off! teaching!


  • zettelkessen-vim
  • gtd (could be merged)
  • website zettelkessen basically works by replacing bullets with headers. probably never need to go 6 layers deep without creating separate card, arguably.

I don’t need to “launch”. Iterate. Start conversations.


  • original site from 2014 looked really cool actually. revisit via wayback machine.

  • Larger social links - particularly twitter, SO

  • Email forwarding (this works from non-ryntck email address)

  • About this site

  • Portfolio

  • About

cool posts might include summarizing the state of science for climate change, cell phone radiation, etc.

  • site
    • pages
      • homepage
        • more prominent links
          • github
          • twitter
          • stack overflow
        • tagline(s)
        • where i’m going, what i’m generally interested in
      • gtd
        • setup, thoughts, etc.
      • about
        • bio, etc
      • thinking in public
        • good first options for subjects?
          • climate change and politicized science
          • how easy it is to automatically set up diffs
      • dumb shit, fun facts, pet peeves
    • medium
    • microprojects
      • gists
        • what’s worth it here?
      • listmas
      • lit
      • old site
      • basically github portfolio
      • urls
      • notes
      • gtd cli
      • do some stuff in observable
        • password strength characters etc
      • shiny
    • etc
      • random lists vs more curation
      • mvp of git diffs, explainer of why
      • nested workflowy / vimflowy thing could be really cool

could really go for some colorful headers or something via css. random header colors.

do i really not have more organized notes than this? how to diminish the overhead of organization. blazing fast input.

great graph curation interface of the web. search is good, but wandering is interesting as well. wikipedia generally has the structure. the web has the structure for god’s sake.

i should have a “so you wanna learn to program” page to at least start curation.

check to see if roam has an api.

make a public bq dataset and publicize how to dimensionally model it. that’s a cool idea.

opinions on data engineering, broadly. page about that. duh.

what are those opinions?

Conditionally publish zettelkasten stuff.

Let user control css for color schemes.

Micro APIs of things to show off and explain cloud infra could be neat.

Dumb birthdays to portfolio.

Merge / differentiate Could hook all APIs etc to that.

Font needs work. Entire design needs work. Maybe go more custom css?

Public spotify playlist of good karaoke songs.

Review wayback site.

Resume - Some selling point on resume things - I’m really scrappy. I’ll get a prototype up fast as hell with no supervision and will do it right with an open mind to trade-offs. That seems valuable.

Write about projects. gtd and zk.

more structured guide to cool stuff on the internet

more reliable patterns for what gets published.

quotes section

new default pic some time soon

public photo albums

do - trawl twitter for site contribs t:15m

review twitter bookmarks, pocket starred articles

  • Store some stuff in more structured way - even just text files that go out on deployment (books are good example here)
  • Black background
  • auto-gen page history
  • outlines are better than blogposts in that they don’t age, but you lose style.
  • designs for inventions
  • publish dotfiles, other greatest hits for github
  • generate one-time shopping list - copy s3 file or something?
  • Cleanup of gists and repos might be in order.

improvmx is the email service provider for the domain.

content/notes should populate and save in git to enable git hash history

basic way to facilitate git history is to simply provide the github history link for a given filepath.


  • Book thoughts
  • Shit I used to understand well like electronics and black holes
  • Fermi Paradox
  • Mental models
  • Projects
    • dumb birthdays
    • airplane sims
    • roulette sims
  • America
  • Astrology
  • Ayn Rand and what I think about everyone disliking her
  • Bayesian
  • Brave New World was okay
  • Death
  • Design of site
  • Electoral college
  • Ethics of a whole lot of other stuff
  • Ethics of vegetarianism
  • External
    • spotify, maps, etc.
  • Half-baked thoughts
  • Highlights of cool code projects
  • How I try to be productive
  • How hard being productive is
  • Ideas
  • Intellectual Property
  • Lists
    • movies
    • restaurants
  • Lists of stuff to remember
  • Opinions
    • Religion
    • Cleaning
    • GMOs
    • Taking offense
    • Climate change
    • Wokeness and MAGA goons
    • Trump
    • Capitalism
    • Socialism
    • Libertarianism
    • Anarchism
    • Materialism
    • Student debt
    • Cultural appropriation
  • Quotes
  • Recommended twitter follows
  • Resume?
  • Striving towards GTD
  • Stuff about software
  • UBA
  • Weed and other drugs
  • What I’ve learned about economics
  • Words I don’t like
  • Excellent products
    • Arm and hammer litter
  • Write about cool physics shit
  • Just writing philosophically about whatever
  • Writing with or without punctuation
  • Overviews of visiting places. Honeymoon, Nashville, New York, what else?

Research / write#

  • GMOs - taleb and pinker
  • climate change
  • hand washing
  • astrology
  • moore’s law
  • adhd
  • gluten