Seeds of thought. Maybe worth dwelling on.

Dark mode for websites is especially great for people reading on their phones in bed at night. I hate how bright my goddamn phone is when I’m in a dark room but reliably sit on it for hours.

Metaphors often stronger bridges to reality than they were originally meant to be. Watch out for this.

Buddha story vs Jesus story vs other folklore - cool, what are the stories we dwell upon? What does that do to a person, to think on a specific story daily?

Western v eastern religions and cultures - has to be some undercurrent of patterns due to dominant religious paradigms and thought. Probably has been written about but would be interesting to explore to what extent.

Choosing to be a citizen: when incentive structure is gone, are you a citizen? Or a customer?

Theories are information-efficient compressions of truth. All models are wrong, but some are useful. Models lie so you can see the truth.

World without vs with god is very different metaphysically.

Empathy - tell an offensive joke, ask how does someone in your life respond. Online really reduces default empathy from face-to-face interactions. A feature sometimes, probably a bug at other scales.

Programs have interfaces, docs, specs - how does that relate to people?

Modern world requires acknowledging and avoiding natural biases in a lot of ways - mathematics, ethics, economics, etc - what value is there in carving out parts of life where I don’t need to do that?

How different would consumption of english be if there was a way to wrap concepts in parentheses, expand sentences, bounce to definitions, etc? Chrome plugin to do so? Auto-infer structure of normal english text and provide this capacity?

Do humans on net produce more suffering than less?

Sharing on Stack Overflow is wonderful. Constructive criticism in comments is helpful.

Mastodon might have taken off if it weren’t just another twitter. A killer feature is needed on top of a cool protocol layer to sell it.

What is 10x better than a laptop, in the same way a laptop is 10x better than a phone for creation?

Coronavirus kind of stopped time for once. To some degree, that’s been kind of nice.

Cutting things in half 3x is the same thing as 1/8, but sounds more dramatic than 1/10.

We often just memorize incantations - command line arguments, etc. Odd to think that this is “learning”.

What are foundational thoughts - i.e., the thoughts that essentially comprise other more complex thoughts? Dualism, mathematics, god, etc? Higher-level thoughts or concepts (e.g. partisanism) is a weighted sum, or recipe, of more foundational thoughts. Something here about what thoughts are atomic.


Thoughtnugs should be well-formed and well-formatted thoughts, ready for sharing etc.

all thoughtnugs can end up as tweets gtd

command to display N thoughtnugs every day gtd could be place for all sorts of uploading of thoughts from hive, tagging them, then assembling structure out of them.


Some general way of passing value on would be powerful. Solves the “I can afford to get to airport late - I end up paying more, but can go to front of lines.” Importantly, the people who arrive early are compensated (financially? something else?) by this in direct proportion. economics


Everyone’s autistic across some dimension of mentality (???)

Is an idea a thing? in what sense does it have reality? or is it just a pattern? or are patterns what are even more fundamental than matter? or just differently fundamental?

I am partial to people liking me after reading my opinions online. Like, how many people I enjoy from New York might disown me for some particular opinion? Realistically, in-person, probably not that many that I would actually care about if they did.

Plan during planning time, and wander during wandering time.

There are tons of social opportunities that Spotify is missing out on.

How is gtd related to mommom’s remembering system? Wow is playing with my ring related to dad? Pretty sure he used to do that and/or still does? Is it related literally at all?

might be the case that world has been optimized for focus, when it could equally well be optimized for lack of focus and experimentation

2020-02-20 i wonder if you could conduct network analysis by pinging various known servers within aws to determine like, how close in proximity two servers are within the same data center or something

How the fuck does bird nest building behavior pass down through generations?

Are rating changes over time reflected at all for a restaurant? Why is the interface for ratings so obscure?

Writing is exploring a space, even without having a thesis to drive home.

truth as point on 2d graph, see how it lands either positive or negative on some 1d projection, relate to multi-dimensional truth and how we all see that truth as projections onto our own lower-dimensional axes

having a tight theoretical framework of mind could help weight standardized test results correctly

No public proclamation, nothing to live up to. No skin in the game.

Artificially giving yourself skin in the game. Taking on a burden. Bearing a cross.

What are my default behaviors that others would cringe at. why? how do i get better? Not sure what this is referring to lol. (???)

iPhone cables are a racket.

Items treated as rows vs records phenomenologically different

Drywall easier to work with than plaster, relate to software - some metaphor is appropriate.

Staying unplugged for a period of time is so helpful and healthy it seems.

Learning new tools is not the fastest thing to do, but pays off on separate time scale. Tell story of local optimization. Tell story of 100x leverage. etc. Everyone knows this but make it vivid.

Innocence is powerful.

Mock up responses for live demo way ahead of implementations - dreams matter, emotional response more vivid during demo. Unclear what’s a good way of mocking or if best practices have been developed.

Something to be said for having comments close to code, e.g. TODOs. Proximity ensures the edge is retained between bad code and reminder to track.

Love the surgical mask aesthetic.

What undercurrents are rumbling now that may rear themselves in 10 years? How does one see trump coming? Being woke? Etc?

Computers as leverage machines - how to 10x leverage with a computer in a novel way? 100x? or is this old hat for most people and i have just yet to catch on? that seems to be the case.

Thailand is amazing. beautiful warm weather year round, friendly people, no fucking bugs. i’d be a buddhist too if i lived around here.

Why is it so inefficient to tell a story in github? Leaving edges in the graph of life is hard work, so make it easier.

What does it actually take to unseat excel as the go-to tool?

Could live a simple life within defined limits. Could otherwise engineer reality or yourself etc.

Squirrel videos as training tool for dogs

Do other animals become entranced at music, psychedelic videos etc?

Even controlling for black white rods cones etc we could probably run fine tune experiments with dogs paying attention to moving images

Fold while sorting usually when doing laundry. What other implied orders are there and why are they there?

The ordinary, the ho hum, the everyday - it’s always there to some degree. what to do about it? we don’t often hear its virtues. what is great about it?

Serendipity vs focus - iterating is grid search, may find local maxima but other maximas exist. Explore vs exploit.

Other maxima always exist elsewhere.

Start with premise (conscousness is a terrain of sorts), what unintuitive philosophical things follow?

Apple wifi sharing is such a slick little usability nicety

Gotta be a fast we way to jump back one word in phone typing on keyboard like existing hard pressed functionality bit jumps words then on hover jump letters


Just implement X - figure it out, get back to me, do something creative, sounds like a good way to learn

Virtue signaling not always bad, just depends on expected context

What if twitter had a sarcasm / logical / context flag? what would that look like?

What sort of quantitative indicator could you give for the state of a twitter thread?

Getting fucked up rules

Can do more selling of ideas

Is a best friend someone you can trust to read your private diary and explain it well to the world when you die? to be the best biographer? by best, i mean the best story. what is that best story?

Discovering new ideas is a joy. how to do more?

Loving organizing means being worse at focusing tasks. maybe? how to link in N dim?

Books as conveyors of sensibility - aesthetic judgement. placement of ideas in space. wow, that’s a neat idea!

Art gallery with books specifically placed

Twitter and blog as place from which to publish

I can be the grinch. Why?

Earning trust - you can trust me to xyz, test - call out as an issue, work on it directly

Software solutions to problems

Making a mess vs cleaning it up

Worrying about making a mess

Could build app on top of google spreadsheets. spreadsheets as light storage engine. Could do it using retool.

Honeymoon spreadsheet as dimensional model

View employer as collaborator rather than competitor - can this work? does this work? does anyone do this?

merged cells should be way easier, and should add structure

keyboard shortcuts really insane speedup in application interaction

how do you reduce that time?

what does so much time spent in states like that do to you when using tools day in and day out?

building your own tools vs only ever using someone else’s

modifying tools

zoom in and out

interactive presentation intended to provide for detail, fast movements, workflowy

rearranging tabs is not fast

Statues art black with lights as eyes preying mantis Deer

iPad as main machine, with apple pencil as common device - would be worth a try

Have strong urge to help, but tough to balance that vs contractors who i expect to come with a level of competency.

color coded text interaction like google doc, but with faster structure and interface for playing back interactions

leverage add

spreadsheet is input device - can’t get over adding multiple things to one sheet. should be a diff interface. roam research for grids or something.

even choose your space. 3d. good visualization options. wow, that’s a fucking sick idea. if something doesn’t fit in 2D, spreadsheet shouldn’t be limited. just happens to be the most useful, but should have more. should be snappy. keyboard controlled! vim bindings for working in spreadsheets - would use more spreadsheets!

that’s the app. that’s awesome. make it data-eng focused. wow. v cool. really fast. etc. write about the idea. blog about building the concept as i go. very cool.

how to paint a vision for people without vision

how can i get good at leaving thought scaffolding for my future self or others

thought scaffolding plus emotional appeal makes for good structured thought

literalness of thoughts - claim, how provisional is claim?

get on cadence, come on!

summarized overview of takes on things, linking to existing articles

summarized overview of takes, with probabilities / certainties assigned to each

eating same meal together, sharing food, something about it

text is really a very tiny-bandwidth medium, but as such, can share more easily

if commits and PRs are your only history inputs, how do you bubble up relevant documentation to stakeholders?

what to do during a sabbatical? cool apps. learn things. write about stuff. learn about x.

what is the utility of going veg / stopping using single-use plastic when the issues are so much more systemic?

airline pricing - why can’t i negotiate with southwest for pricing on a half-full flight?

amazon big brother tracking - never hear from top performers. how bad is it?

empathy reduces the activation energy required to even engage

constant existence of text blocks in inbox as constant mental weight how to reduce mental weight to zero how to plan better, not miss deadlines better, etc

marriage - drifting off into old age together

Truth as point in multidimensional world Personality as point in same Then geom of n-1 or n+1 dimensions generates interesting parallels Drugs as having default effect in certain direction on n dim experience Can explain diff in exp easily

Cats is genius

big statues, grand spaces

what are the actual data structures of thought? think through that problem, help solve gtd problem

What would pure sobriety for a full week on nothing but bread and water / soylent etc look like?

Singapore airport security is cool - security implemented at gate. What are trade-offs?

Elasticity of metal generating rocking of rocking chair is elegant compared to stiff materials and rocking mechanism.

Two toilets always better than one. Poisson distribution. A simulation of this would be neat to create.

malthusian traps - deeply interesting

Gas prices per country are nuts.

Autonomy can thrive when appropriate guardrails are known, best practices are established, collective goals are aligned.

an entire app using almost exclusively postgres features would be neat

how to remember music to play? dedicated playlist that cycles out?

maybe playlists aren’t the right datastructure for spotify? how can that interface be 10x better? spotify for hackers?

spotify api can get saved tracks - worth exploring some time maybe.

Remove phone and computer for doing thinking as experiment

  • working on tasks where context switching encouraged (cooking) vs not
  • gardening - cultivation of thoughts
  • think about interfaces - design them quickly!
  • draw more!
  • god experience common
  • novel - AGI reigns, solve alignment problem, AGI attempts to optimize human social life through experiments
  • something about overfitting a model and complexity of new experiences and thinking patterns and whatnot
  • motte and bailey - thought paradigm
  • mental models as functions
  • axes of of thought as views
  • lots of self to bring to the table, but not manifested in work, at home - stifled.
  • lying is an abuse of trust
  • analog computers vs digital
  • analog computers as neural networks
  • neural nets with weights could represent analog circuits
  • i spend a lot of time focused on doing, not much on writing. what does that other world look like?
  • something about how woke lefty goofiness is more visible in smart circles, whereas it’s easy to write off maga goons, which is why it gets the attention it does (e.g. idw)
  • something about whether the trump presidency actually represents a proliferation of maga goons vs goofy woke tankies just being an edge case
    • ie, is the same ratio of ethnonationalist psychos to more ‘lifelong republicans’ the same as it would be if a far lefty got elected president
  • how does zoom change things? how much of small text is about screen privacy? not much, on first thought.
  • how to prioritize and process ‘thinking’ tasks more?
  • everything as text files is a wonderful thing
  • need to follow up more on things
  • order out of disorder
  • cooking is ultimate diy
  • state == simulacra
  • wild how hard typing was in vim without defaults set - probably what it was like to start!
  • really don’t think enough when it comes to day-to-day work - there should be time allotted for this
  • behavior and expectations can be shaped - re us spending time supporting
  • how to be more r0ml
  • speaking in folk truths (comments are liabilities) - something fishy about this
  • what are chinese intellectuals saying about china-us relations?
  • calculus is a superpower
  • using paper for prototyping new ways of doing frees you up from being stuck in the tools that you use and work around - some larger theme here
  • what are good films and why are they good?
  • all thoughts into graph, power in constructing queries to get what you need
  • weights all the way down, maaan
  • concepts are axes on which to view the world. new concepts open that up, or collapse old ones.
  • intellectual poverty of viewing the world on a single axis - 3 languages of politics
  • thoughts as graph - mindmap weakness is no cross joining trees. outlines as tools of thought.
  • model of thought as how well connected your graph of thoughts are connected and/or how efficient your query engine is. do you think breadth first or depth first?
  • how centralized is your mind graph?
  • seems like some guidelines for reporters that report on stats could be good
  • a model is a compression of source data
  • linear regression is just taking high-dimensional stuff and projecting to lower dimension
  • sales - budget, authority, need, timeline
  • william kingdon clifford - belief without evidence is morally wrong
  • reproducible ideas
  • technical documentation as clear structured conveyance of use - as little information as necessary
  • be accountable for complexity i introduce into systems or the world
  • airplane seat leaning is weird
  • bachelorette obsession shows things about the culture
  • is change what its all about (whoa man)
  • thinking on a slightly related but fundamentally different axis
  • when did I stop wanting to change the world
  • big experiences v day to day balance
  • Zen suffering change
  • most people still consumers on Twitter etc
  • Donovan talk more
  • probably good people are engaged in politics but still have to figure out the medium for chatter to drown out base level noise
  • waste not needs to be weighed against wasting time
  • lots of thoughts, easy to lose track without structured system
  • is it that far out to posit the existence of a spiritual plane?
  • enter with halfway args
  • philosophy is a very good maybe the best degree
  • hyperbole online correlated with recognition that action doesn’t happen
  • issue with oppressed people worldwide vs oppressed people in us
  • idea connoisseur
  • speak above left right
  • ideas spread faster than doing. some exactness gets lost along the way. trade off
  • site bring back livejournal
  • we are fine with bad handwriting for one hand
  • chewing with mouth open - equivalent to doing other culturally specific but stupid shit?
  • kindness first - imagine other as child - but putting down others and not playing by rules of innocence deserves punishment
  • cto next
  • just write more
  • pi is information rich, possibly - numbers as building blocks of information
  • costs last minute flight switching vs time
  • lines are great
  • how many old thoughts have I not revisited in a while?
  • Luddite fallacy based on fixed output?
  • clothes redundancy
  • laptop is always center of desk work - try notebook sometimes
  • ‘has the good outweighed the bad’ is a better version of ‘is it good or bad’ - focus more in convo
  • a weekend project that makes it to prod is not confined to the weekend. dev time vs maintenance time.
  • rebuilding from scratch is like remembering physics first principles instead of memorizing formulas - related to reproducible thoughts
  • heuristics are information-efficient rules
  • writing notes to be information-efficient, distilling them down, would be cool.
  • heuristics getting past down - truth smoothing out like rock edges
  • is the sunk cost fallacy actually a fallacy?
  • more actively parse through spotify likes, curate music?
  • what does 3 day week look like?
  • is being extremely X, whether that’s woke or vegan or whatever, make you similar to a priest or a monk?
  • explanations and writing is good - rhetoric is good - to help convey structured meaning in a way other people can understand. there can be many true facts but pitches and angles help convey messages. authenticity is orthogonal to how well rhetoric is done.
  • collecting thoughts is kind of like cell division - get to a critical mass, breaking up into chunks makes things more reasonable, etc. maybe there’s a better metaphor.
  • anything i can put on the site is out of the incubator
  • how is your logistical regression different than mine - determining good bad people etc - root of arguments
  • talking like I think instead of objective tense is lacking in a world where opinions come out as facts
  • garden of thoughts, keep orderly
  • some people regularly experience heightened senses etc music
  • go from ‘it pretty much works’ to ‘i don’t have to think about it’
  • stop working on ‘the version’ of anything at any given time - reduce fear of changing
  • remember when stories - children, relatable to people who spent formative years together
  • ants have operative sense of self maybe, but hive comes first - humans are trickier
  • don’t clutter workspaces!
  • organize thoughts, or let some go? is there a critical mass to hit?
  • no time allocated to philosophizing - just assume it will happen throughout the day. what if i shift that assumption?
  • fractal thoughts
  • mental models are one of many axes for viewing the world. having a lot of them helps.
  • paper / notes are a hard drive for the mind - not much RAM to work with
  • work on storytelling
  • how similar are computer processes to neural processes?
  • Godel Cantor philosophy gestalts
  • Podcasts Cleaning attention
  • something about how architectural patterns and philosophical patterns can contribute to or relate to software development patterns
  • analogy of SV to biologists releasing a virus isn’t apt
  • home is the one place where you actively seek out the opposite of struggle
    • expand on this? focus on this aggressively?
  • speaking in hypotheses vs speaking in theories
  • really apply other paradigms to programming, or to home, and see what happens
  • appeal of buddhism - suffering is tangible
  • pets purpose vs boredom
  • stretching for the mind - flexible thinking
  • group identities and t shirts
  • selfishness
  • phone as imperfect and slow input device

Wandering versus coming home - discovery versus reiteration, comfort.

Need for space for creation. Need for space, freedom, movement.

Need for responsibility and accountability.

Perceived binary presentation of ideas / morals: if I share a tweet about idea X, that’s done so instead of idea Y. Passed through a low-information-density filter, that gets interpreted as though you don’t support idea Y.

There’s a joy in figuring things out from first principles, but the trade-off really does seem to be speed.

Thoughts on species units