• q: - command line history
  • q/ - search history
  • :sort u - sort the file
  • :set tw=80 for soft word wrap, and works with outlines
  • gU converts selection to ALL CAPS
  • gu converts selection to lowercase
  • gf goes to file under cursor
  • :! <command> - run commands in vim
  • g_ goes to last non-blank character
  • P pastes before cursor
  • :let shows all vars
  • :set linebreak allows for soft line wraps
  • :set columns=80 will limit the maximum number of columns to display to 80. This works nicely with :set linebreak to create a nice UI for writing text.
  • :g/=/d will delete all lines that contain =
  • Ctrl+N/P provides autocompletion for words already defined in your file.
  • :! <command> to run commands from a vim window
  • :set to allow for interpreting my_file as when using gf
  • <C-O> goes back to the last file you jumped from
  • * and # searches for same word forward and backward
  • :PluginInstall will ask for your github password if you define the repo name incorrectly

Window Management#

Would be interesting to explore vim windows instead of tmux panes.

  • <C-w>f opens file under cursor in new vim window (not tmux window)
  • <C-w><C-w> switches between vim windows
  • :split and :vsplit for splitting windows
  • <C-w>[hjkl] to navigate between windows. More here

Spell Check#

Setting up spellcheck in vim

  • :setlocal spell to turn on spell check in a file
  • ]s to go to next misspelled word
  • [s to go to previous misspelled word
  • zg to add word under cursor to spellfile


  • zo opens fold
  • zc closes fold
  • zj and zk for nav
  • zO opens all folds at cursor
  • zm closes all folds

For markdown, add this to your ~/.vimrc:

let g:markdown_folding=1

Within a vim session, your fold settings will be saved for each file, so you can swap back and forth between things.

Markdown syntax improvements#

  • Header highlighting
  • Link highlighting
  • Allow underscore mid-word
  • indent bulleted lists
  • Default column width to 60-70
  • Don’t support indent-as-code
  • Figure out folding
  • File-specific usage of inoremap


  • Possible to use vim in encrypted mode? How could you with .swp functionality?
  • Would be cool to keystroke from jira ticket name out to chrome.
  • Try out infinite history?
  • Try out youcompleteme for autocomplete

Fun regex used to replace anything starting with a plus or hashtag. Uses capture groups. Note the escaped capture group parentheses \(...\):

%s/\s[#+]\([a-z-]*\)/ [[\1]]/g