What do I want to work on?#

Anything interesting, really.

The cannabis industry seems like a really insane-growth place to be.

Crypto is nascent, mathematically and philosophically interesting, and will likely see its killer apps eventually. Seems like a great long-term investment to get into the weeds of it.

Anything Elon Musk or some other sufficiently-exciting founder is working on is likely worth pursuing. Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink. I’m a belieber.

NASA and SpaceX could be great ways to get back into pursuing physics.

Then there’s biotech. Science, lots of data, will likely be the story of the 21st century. Would entail expanding my understanding of biological systems, which at least gives me tons of runway for growth.

Going back to school for a PhD in physics, economics, biology, computer science seems so appealing, but the actual achievement of a PhD status really doesn’t mean anything to me. The benefits would be immersing myself into academic culture again, which I deeply miss, and having some guardrails for future learning.

Stripe seems like one of the coolest places to work.

Social media is already the dominant media in the world, and its effects are massively important. Would likely satisfy my obsession with graph data structures. Twitter would likely be my first choice as the platform I’m most addicted to. Facebook also seems immensely interesting despite having not used it in the past few years.

Getting back into research would be fascinating, especially if I could assist in any way at all in solving the COVID-19 crisis.

I miss hardware terribly. Designing circuits, breadboarding, inhaling more solder fumes than I should have, the dark arts of debugging electronics with no tracebacks or error messages, the accidentally blown fuses, oscilloscopes, millions of tiny parts to organize - the artisan in the lab. Not much in this world quite like it.

Roam Research, leading the thinking tools charge, stands to become insanely valuable, and I currently cannot read enough about zettelkasten, tools for thought, note-taking, you name it.

I started out wanting to become a data scientist and became a data engineer. I value the skillset I have now immensely. I can stand up and monitor whatever in AWS or GCP. I’m fluent in python and SQL. I’m great at collaborating with people to help solve their problems, and enjoy doing so immensely when I have the autonomy to pursue ways of doing so. I’d still like to broaden my skillset though.

Anyway, doing data science sounds really fun, and would justify becoming an expert in statistics in a way that I’m not otherwise.

Security seems incredibly cool and valuable. Diving into that world and becoming a real leet hacker by necessity seems like a lot of fun, and carries a sense of seriousness.

SRE stuff seems really legit and necessitates a focus on no-nonsense engineering. That structure appeals to me. Building ergonomic developer tools is something I’d like to do more of after working on lookmlint.

Long story short: lots of options and exciting paths.